Surya (Sun) Leela (Play)  products are designed by Jennifer and handmade from organic and environmentally sustainable materials that are of the highest quality and comfort.

Easy to love, effortless to wear.

My passion is designing beautiful things while connecting with nature. I design all items by hand, source organic and eco-friendly fabrics from reputable, clean, ethical facilities and oversee all production, often sewing, dying and finishing garments myself. 

Surya Leela is happy to be a part of a growing movement that values the health and sustainability of people, local economies, and the environment by offering made-to-order items that are organic, earth-friendly, and easy on sensitive skin. Garments are dyed using low impact, fiber-reactive dyes. Patches are hand-stamped or silkscreened with designs made uniquely by and for Surya Leela.

When ordering, please be sure to read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section regarding Customization, Shipping, and Exchange Policies. 
Surya Leela's Lion logo represents the spry, sun-loving, majestic, powerful and playful qualities our clothing is designed to inspire. As the sun and playful creativity are essential to life, Surya Leela hopes to be an essential part of your health conscious wardrobe while providing inspiration to live in the ever-expanding, light-hearted flow of abundance and creativity.

Surya Leela is ...
dedication to versatility and sustainability - 
inspiration to be delighted, free, and empowered physically - 
exploration of the natural and unbound - 
expression of good health, good news, and good vibes going down


Be Light, Share Love, Live in Leela