Hi! If we haven’t worked together before, please choose a “Let’s Connect!” time slot. Once we get to know one another we can discuss the best option for you or create a customized plan. ALL appointment types are available to YOUTH & ADULTS.

PACKAGE of 12 private and/or therapeutic sessions lasting 75 minutes each to set you on the right path of practice safely and with maximum benefit to you. Also for experienced students or teachers who want to delve more deeply into learning the practice and philosophy of yoga or take time to work on a specific issue. Expiration date is 90 days from day of purchase. These appointments can be shared by up to 4 people, making it a small group or family class. Single follow-up appointments are available once the 12 week package has been completed. ($1080)

SNAPMAT is 8 short sessions 30 minutes) per month one-on-one, in person or online, focused on the physical practice of yoga (asana) and proper breathing techniques (pranayama). These shorter and more frequent personalized sessions will keep you grounded in your practice, and thriving on your mat and in the world. ($280)

THAI YOGA WORK is a 90-minute session practiced with the client fully clothed lying on a mat on the floor. Thai Yoga warms and nourishes joints and muscles through gentle to moderate stretching and guided movement. Systematic, rhythmic pressure along the energy (“SEN”) lines of the body stimulates the flow of prana or vital energy. Thai brings about a feeling of peace and well-being as the practitioner aids in the release of ‘stuck’ energy” (dukha) and encourages good, free flowing energy (sukha) by silently repeating the loving-kindness meditation. ($125)

EVERGREEN Monthly SUBSCRIPTION for 46 lessons to last you all year long (4 sessions per month). This is the best choice for consistency, safety, and customization. In-depth learning, physical practice, meditation and process work designed especially for you. Yoga to embody who you are and empower you to function your best inside the studio and out in the world! ($315/month).

CORPORATE classes are generally 45-75 minutes depending on the needs of the organization. Quarterly and yearly contracts are available with variable pricing. One session is $120 for up to 15 people.