Living in Leela

Yoga & Coaching for Personal Empowerment

Living in Leela is yoga training and coaching for people ready to transform stress and limitations into power by learning and practicing the real meaning of Yoga - experiencing connection and expansive awareness. Emotional freedom, radical acceptance, and tangible improvements to your productivity and quality of life will result from learning the process of playful, creative living. Living in Leela is a program that includes a guided deep dive into your inner world and lifelong stories, creative expression through a medium of your choice, and powerful meditations that empower you to stay grounded and centered, and to show up they way you were born to be - happy, productive, fulfilled, loving, and free.

Coping mechanisms that worked to protect and nourish us during childhood and/or through traumatic experiences often prevent us from thriving in adulthood. Samskara is the Sanskrit word used to describe these habits of thinking and behaviour that are conditioned through experience. Yoga is a process of physical and psychological weeding out, so to speak, getting to the root of the issue in order to cultivate and flower into a POWERful you, living from a strong core, the life you envision for yourself.

Created from my personal observations, study and journey through yoga, relationships, motherhood, deep introspection, therapy, and years of teaching, practice, and life experience, Living in Leela yoga-based empowerment coaching is for sensitive people who want to dive deep, write a new story, and manage inevitable hardships and feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration from a place of power, poise and inner peace.

Living in Leela is a reminder to stay in the playful, creative flow of living that results in positive feelings and outcomes. Accepting the reality of what is and learning how to respond creatively and clearly to what is happening in the present will have a profound effect on how you feel inside and what you can give to others.