Below are resources or links to resources you can use to empower yourself to progress on the path of Yoga - health, awareness, acceptance, communication, transformation, connection,  and the foundation of all, love.

Lotus Seed Pod

Lotus Seed Pod

Grow Yoga Manifesto

Words of Affirmation and Empowerment in the Form of a PDF you can print out as a postcard or poster and put somewhere that you can see it often.

A reminder to have faith, to breathe, and to know that your essence IS Yoga.

This is a free download. While you will be asked for payment information, simply enter your address. No payment information is actually needed to complete the download.    

Alternate Belief Statements

Alternate Belief Statements

Alternate Beliefs Posters

Inspired by the work of Byron Katie, I created two "Alternate Beliefs" posters in response to some "Universal Beliefs" statements she has offered. When faced with stressful or painful thoughts we can reframe our thinking to have a more positive, happier feeling experience. Remember to ask, "Is it True?" Then see what you can do to flip it. 

Some of the statements included on this poster are: 

"I only need to do the next thing."

"I am ok just the way I am. In fact, there is no other way to be."

and, "Trust your intuition. If you think you know, say it, do it."

Om is the Vibration of Creation 

Om is the Vibration of Creation 

Fundamental Yoga Sequence 

A PDF of Basic Postures and Mantra Meditation for a well-rounded practice