A Letter from Amy

"Jen, You have been a transformative force in my life. Our sessions together pushed me out of a very low rut after my father-in-law’s death, and inspired me to discover and then practice “self-care.” Since working with you, I have taken up rowing, joined Weight Watchers and consciously work to include time for myself in every day (a huge shift). I love being on the lake each morning, and get that same kind of “yoga peace” I found with you. I rowed in my first race a few weeks ago… None of this would have been possible without you. So thank you, dear friend. P.S. I've also lost 50 pounds!"

Amy C. , September 2017 | Greensboro, NC

Leadership Development Publications Director says...

"Jennifer brings a strong joy to her teaching, which I find tremendously welcoming and generous. I see in her the strength, health, and peace of mind that has come from her practice. Though a rank beginner myself, I have felt these same changes in me from attending her classes. I haven't accomplished the levels of focus and balance that Jennifer demonstrates, but each time I am in her class I feel her grace and acceptance for where I am, at that moment. That's the most important thing to me -- to be where I am, now." 

Pete S., Center for Creative Leadership

A Note from Mike

“I have been a student of yoga for many years, and recently found Jennifer after relocating to NC. She has a warm, supportive and welcoming spirit that’s reflected in her teaching style. Jennifer also possesses the rare talent of being able to quickly build trust, provide support and work effectively with students at all different experience levels. She provides the clear instruction everyone needs to go into and honor the integrity of any posture and the breath that accompanies it, and also gives more experienced students the tips they need to go deeper if they choose to do so. My spirit and my body benefit - she is a joy to practice with.”

Mike S., February 2018

From a Wisewomen Yoga student


I did not realize how wonderful yoga would make me feel when I first started.  It took about a month before I realized how much better I felt after doing it.  The neck pain I had when I first started is now gone.  As the result of the surgical procedure I had while taking the class, it was painful to stretch my arm in some of the yoga positions.  It took a few months of classes, but now it does not hurt to stretch that side of my body anymore.  It is hard to explain, but I feel better all over in general. 

I am so glad my friends talked me into coming to yoga class, and I am thankful for you, Jennifer. You are a great instructor and I appreciate how you give us specialized help during class depending on what problems we are having with our body on a given day."

Melinda M., Weekly WiseWomen Yoga Class Student

From a Successful Business Owner & Community Leader

"I own a fast growing company and incur a lot of stress in my workday. Jen is amazing at helping me center and focus. She is very skillful at guiding me through breathing and stretching exercises that are specific to the type of stress or anxiety I am feeling. Jen's depth of knowledge is vast and impressive; but it is her calm disposition, gentle instruction, and sage wisdom in applying yoga practices that help me relax, feel confident, and calm my mind. I fully credit Jen with helping me manage my stress, feel healthier, and improve my overall quality of life."

Zeke V.

from the father of a youth student

"Jennifer is the best yoga teacher. She loves yoga, loves children and shows them the way to live and integrate yoga into their lives. Our son loves going to her classes."

Jan R., Father of 11 year old Who Has Been A Student Since 2010


From private yoga Clients

"I have been a weekly client of Jennifer for two years. My progress has been greater than I could have possibly imagined. I find her to be thoughtful, caring, and devoted to her students. She is very professional and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend working with her."

Mike C., Weekly Private Client Since 2015

"Jen, you are so dedicated to everything you do. I can feel your devotion. When we work together, your light shines so brightly as you consider how to best meet my needs in the moment. I am so blessed to know and work with you."

Clayton C., Weekly Private Client since June 2014

"Jen, you are so creative with your teaching and your classes are so interesting. I always get exactly what I need and feel better at the end of class."

Julie G., Regular Student at The Club at Green Valley