I have a DREAM...

that all children in every school and home is taught Yoga and the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional health care of India.

I dream that every child is given the lessons, resources, and time to care for themselves so that they may feel empowered to trust themselves, speak with confidence, and offer their unique talents in support of the evolution of humankind and all life on the planet. 

My classes and privates with youth involve all aspects of Yoga including both empowering and calming physical sequences, guided relaxation, mindfulness training, age-appropriate breathing practices and basic anatomy lessons.  Games, stories, singing, and partner work are often included to support assertive self-expression and create a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Yoga is a validating and enjoyable practice that young people take to enthusiastically. As Maria Montessori said, children have absorbent minds. Youth are ever interested in exploring and learning. In my experience, children in our modern world eager to learn Yoga. They often ask to do "the lying down pose" or meditation first. Children are extraordinarily receptive to chanting, meditation, & guided relaxation. They enjoy learning Sanskrit, the ancient language of India and of Yoga, and can experience myriad benefits from the physical practice as they grow and develop.

I am also delighted to speak at schools, youth leadership programs and continuing education events and offer Yoga training for educators, education administrators and parents who want to learn how to practice Yoga and share Yoga effectively with the young people in their care and sphere of influence.