8-Limbs Essence of Yoga Intensives

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Jennifer's 8-Limbs Essence of Yoga programs are perfect for enthusiastic students and teachers who are interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of Yoga and how the practice fits for them. Comprehensive, practical, down-to-earth and personally empowering, these 6 courses courses have been created to increase knowledge of Self as a perceptive, creative body-in-process, to affirm the value of your own experience, and to support you in owning your practice. Alignment (physically and philosophically), attention, adaptation, and intention provide the foundation for you to delight in and benefit from your practice. 
Exclusive PDF, video and book resources are included to support your practice and learning. 

EACH Essence of Yoga course is 9-12 weeks and can be taught in person or through Skype or Zoom if you are not in town.
 For more information about these courses please see below or contact me. Training for individuals & groups are available. Please contact me to set up a time to connect and see which program is right for you to begin with. 


Physical Health

Asana & Pranayama

Asana are yoga postures that have myriad benefits to strengthen, nourish and heal the body. 

Pranayama is breathing exercises that purify the body by balancing the nervous system through oxygenation and concentration.


Mental Clarity

Mindfulness & Meditation

Using preliminary questions to guide ourselves into the meditation experience as well as mantra to keep mental activity soft and focused, we learn to allow rather than will our lives to happen. 



Emotional Well-Being

Philosophy & Psychology

Yoga is about observing our thinking, emotions, and behavioral patterns so that we can respond to what arises in each moment in ways that are empowering and beneficial for ourselves and others. 

Yoga philosophy and self-inquiry support our awareness and transformation. 


Fundamentals of Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga

A fundamental sequence of postures is taught as well as basic anatomy and alignment for practicing safely. Beginning breathwork and meditation practices as well as an introduction to the Yoga Sutras are covered.



Broadening Your View

A séquences of postures that stretch the back and hips which result in deep relaxation and tap into emotional release. New pranayama practices are taught as well Yoga sutras with study and journaling practices.




Twists are the focus of this sequence as we begin to focus on spinal flexibility and the physiological effects of performing the postures. Mantra Meditation and a beginning look into the Chakra system, Pranayama exercises and Yoga Sutra study and journal work are included.

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A New Direction

Lateral stretching and variations in inversions increase hip, back and spinal flexibility and are the foundations of this sequence. Continued discovery of how the body moves and works. Mantra, Meditation, Chakra & Sutra Study and Advanced Pranayama are included.



An Different Perspective

Ever-increasing depth of practice in backbends and inversions, and backbending in inversions, are incorporated into this sequence that stretches the entire front body, spine and mind. Continued work with Pranayama, Chakras, Yoga Sutra study and journaling, and Meditation.


Balance: Attentive, Centered,


Focus and Equanimity make for a steady posture and easy living. This sequence focuses on standing balancing postures as well as arm balances that require the mental concentration and core strength developed through previous practice.

Bhagavad-Gita & Byron Katie work are introduced. Pranayama, journaling and Meditation continue.


Relax and Renew

This sequence can be learned and practiced any time, and hopefully many times, along your journey. This module is designed especially for a healthy immune system, optimal sleep and deep relaxation. Deep breathing, positive affirmation and creative meditation is emphasized.

~ I created these courses for various reasons, some of which are listed here:  

1. having studied for a long time, I still sometimes had trouble deciding or knowing what to practice. Inspired by Jehangir Palkhivala's Mother and Prasaritta Sequence "templates", I created additional sequences (that could be practiced vinyasa style or not) adding in pranayama, philosophy, and meditation, so that I had a well-grounded and well-rounded practice. 

2. Practicing the Primary series created by Pattabhi Jois and noting the popularity of the vinyasa method, I observed that many people were only practicing that sequence daily which resulted in a host of overuse and misuse injuries. I wanted to offer practitioners an opportunity to explore more and accessible variations of asanas so they could "own the practice" as it relates to their unique bodies and be unbound by "convention".

3. Observing the extreme focus on the achievement of certain postures, I observed that other aspects of practice and philosophy were being watered down or left out, thereby increasing people's disfunction or at least limiting their ability to truly transform to being present in each moment while enjoying and embracing all their power AND limitations with joy and gratitude. 

4. I love Yoga, and am fascinated by nature and the human body. These practices allowed me to explore different types of postures, design tools for practice that made sense of me, and become absorbed physically and intellectually in the depth of that exploration and creation. In other words it allowed me to "geek out" on Yoga. 

5. My background is in Iyengar Yoga and after 13 years of practice I began exploring what is called (in the West) "Ashtanga" Yoga which means (in the West) Pattabhi Jois' vinyasa method. It's all Ashtanga Yoga which is the 8-limb path explained by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. More accurately it's Raja Yoga - yoga practice that leads you to be the "king" ("raj") of your mind. 

I believe taking time to understand and practice proper alignment and explore/experience the body's subtle energetic currents while developing a personal vinyasa practice is all important as a meditation in action method which develops attention, strength, skill, stamina, concentration, and integration. 8-Limbs Essence of Yoga sequences are designed for both.