Yogi, mother, educator, meditator, maker, artist, designer, dancer, naturalist.

Hi, I'm Jennifer...

I am a long-time YOGA student, educator, and enthusiast. Thinker, maker, mother, designer, artist and nature-lover, I have spent years studying, observing, and pondering the "human process" and how people work in general. The human body and the nature of consciousness are endlessly fascinating to me. 


While grounded in the physical, I work with enthusiastic learners who are interested in developing greater self-awareness and mental/emotional/spiritual health. Being a devoted yoga practitioner and creative who has also experienced the pain of perfectionism, anxiety and depression, I am extremely grateful for Yoga and the skills I have developed through the practice to stay grounded in the present moment.

If you are someone who has struggled with these issues and wants to feel more relaxed, free to be yourself, improve your overall health, develop truly fulfilling relationships (starting with yourself), and enjoy genuine and lasting happiness, YOU CAN. 

I offer creative and unique approaches to learning about the body and the essence of yoga, and to exploring thoughts and behaviors that affect our experience of genuine health and happiness. Our true nature is creative, expansive, joyful and loving and we all have the ability to manifest our desires. I am here to teach, coach, listen, support and collaborate in this process with you.


Using natural organic cotton/hemp fibers and ethical business practices, I also produce uniquely beautiful & comfortable clothing that transitions seamlessly from the studio to everyday life. Inspired by - and designed to inspire - yoga, Surya Leela Designs is an ever-evolving expression of love, joy and creativity.  

Welcome! Connect with me! I want to connect with you and hear your stories too. Look around to find resources, programs, practices and insights that you can use to empower yourself to improve your relationship with yourself and others and enjoy the journey of living.